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“Do I Need to Travel to America for a Class on Couponing?”


I’ve seen this now in a couple of UK articles on the TV show Extreme Couponing, women traveling to the US for a class on how to coupon. ┬áReally? I hope these trips were in conjunction with a vacation and not for the expressed purpose of taking the class. ┬áCouponing Classes are great ways to learn about the finer points and trip ups of your new hobby, but I can’t imagine traveling all that way for hundreds of pounds. It seems like that upfront cost would completely wipe out any savings couponing would make in your budget.

Bottom Line: If you happen to be going to the States to visit family and there happens to be a cheap course on couponing down the street then Sure! GO FOR IT! Hell, take you American family/friend with you and spread the couponing gospel. Otherwise, no. You’ll spend more getting to the class then you will save in your first year couponing.