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My First UK Coupon!


My husband and I have been in London for a week, living in a hotel with a small kitchenette. Not exactly the time to start stock pile shopping. Today while shopping at our local grocery store, I got my very first UK coupon! ₤1 off the purchase of Tesco batteries attached to my receipt after buying two packs of Energizer AA batteries. Hardly a windfall, but proof coupons exist in this country.

The first thing I did when we arrived was sign up for all the grocery store club cards, but those are being sent to the new flat within the next week or so.  It’s going to take me a few trips before I create a UK Shopping routine (more on that later).

Now, time to do a little happy coupon dance while I put my first coupon in it’s folio!


“Do I Need to Travel to America for a Class on Couponing?”


I’ve seen this now in a couple of UK articles on the TV show Extreme Couponing, women traveling to the US for a class on how to coupon.  Really? I hope these trips were in conjunction with a vacation and not for the expressed purpose of taking the class.  Couponing Classes are great ways to learn about the finer points and trip ups of your new hobby, but I can’t imagine traveling all that way for hundreds of pounds. It seems like that upfront cost would completely wipe out any savings couponing would make in your budget.

Bottom Line: If you happen to be going to the States to visit family and there happens to be a cheap course on couponing down the street then Sure! GO FOR IT! Hell, take you American family/friend with you and spread the couponing gospel. Otherwise, no. You’ll spend more getting to the class then you will save in your first year couponing.