About the American Extreme Couponer


I’ve admitted this before and I’ll admit it again… I am an Extreme Couponer. It’s a lifestyle choice.  I have bought 10 newspapers at a time, been to the stores at 6am for the good deals, done six different transactions at one store, and on occasion cleared a shelf. I did buy 30 cans of tuna and 5 loofahs for $3.50. I was not a hoarder and you would never find stockpiles of pasta and toilet paper under my bed or in my wardrobe. When I left my apartment in the US, I had a stockpile of 10 sticks of deodorant, 10 tubes of toothpaste, 8 bottles of body wash, 15 razors, 20 boxes of pasta, 10 cans of diced tomatoes, 10 cans chicken noodle soup, 15 cans of tuna, 20 boxes of popcorn, 20 boxes of hot cocoa mix (my husband loves the stuff), and much much more… usually bought at no cost to me or for less than a $1 each.

I went from spending $600 a month (groceries, alcohol, bathroom and house cleaning items) as a single woman eating very little (pasta and salads) to spending $450 a month as a couple and buying massive quantities of items while eating steak and chicken every night. Our food only bill alone went from $420 down to $99 per month over the course of five months. The last two months when I left my job with my husband out of work, and with plans to move to London we decided to eat only what was in our stock pile and spent less than $200 a month for things like fresh produce. After that we still gave 7 heaping bags of items to my step-brother.

This blog will chronicle how I have transitioned from the rules of American Extreme Couponing to UK Extreme Couponing. I’ll share the differences and how to utilize the teachings on this side of the pond. You’ll find links to other helpful sites, how I work my ‘little hobby’ around a full time career, how to use phone apps and software to save time, deals that I have found, cheap meals we are eating, and cheap outings rated.

Please post comments or send me an email about how this blog could be better, your tips and tricks, or general bragging about better deals you’ve discovered. I really hope you enjoy, learn new things here, and perhaps even change your life the way it has mine….


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